Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Calling

A bit of unabashed promotion for my newest project.  If you are familiar with my Mercyland: Hymns For The Rest Of Us CD, you will be pleased to know that I am starting a sequel to it.  The photo gives a hint as to what to expect from both CDs.

I have a strange calling of sorts.  When I was involved in the Christian Music scene, I never really fit.  I even had a record company guy tell me, "Bro, you really don't belong here.  You belong in the real world", but I wasn't about to leave a party I wasn't wanted at.  

If you read the blog preceding this one, you know that I was smiled upon and brought into the Americana fold, before it really had that name, by Buddy and Julie Miller.  Buddy actually appears on the first Mercyland project.  

But as far as I wanted to get away from religious music, I couldn't shake the idea of that old children's song "Jesus Loves Me", and that remains at the core of what I believe.  That's the idea behind Mercyland: Hymns For The Rest Of Us.  This is my calling.  If that appeals to you in the least, I unabashedly confess that I need your help in making this record happen.  Your support on Kickstarter will make this happen.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for going to this link:  Mercyland: Chapter Two