Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lenten Verses

My Southern Born Woman has been distilling her Lenten meditations into a few simple sentences every day, and I have followed her lead on this.   For more information about how she inspires writers (including me), visit

In the midst of 40 days without half and half in my coffee and no Havarti on my burger, I can't exactly say I'm suffering.  Nonetheless, here is the fruit of the first few weeks of Lent 2014.

Lenten sacrifice… trivial gesture, a spoonful of cream, voluntarily offered
How little can I give thee, Lord Jesus?
Spirit, enlarge my heart.

Under the ocean
Waiting the resurrection
A pearl in a shell

Pulling the oars
My back to my destination
Waiting for the skid of arrival
As a swan glides overhead

The body is its own distraction. When the body is in pain, it's trying to call us away from mindfulness and compassion.

The knot in a twisted back finally rubbed out, and Lo how blessed a body is to be able to stand, sit, walk, run, turn, bend. 

Bless the unseen blessings.

There is only one word worth saying or hearing: Redemption.

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  1. Phil, thank you for sharing this. I am just reawakening to all that is out there. Trying to come out from under grief and loss. Being challenged as a songwriter and singer, to not retreat. Your words share about that struggle. "The skid of arrival.." a wonderful metaphor for new beginnings and finding new hope.


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